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                                                                                           Dr. Sharon D. Gaylord

Originally from Florida, a happily married mother of 4, with an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University in Biology; and a Doctorate of Medical Dentistry from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 2000. She started in dentistry as a dental assistant and worked for 12 years in that field both in private practice and the Air Force prior to deciding to obtain a degree in dentistry.  The military brought her to Maryland. She has been in the area for 19 years and has been fortunate to have sustained continued growth during that time. "I really enjoy what I do and I like to think that that is evident in my work and to my patients." When not doing dentistry, she enjoys traveling and time with my family.

If asked what sets us apart from the other dentists in the area,  I would say:  "One-- that like a lot of people in the community I have a history with the military.  I served in various branches of the Air Force and retired after 22 years.  That instilled in me a great set of values.  The military doesn't offer degrees in dentistry, we receive our professional education through state and private colleges like everyone else.  Once in the service the continuing education we are required to maintain is often double that of what civilians in most states require. So I am thankful for the additional education and training I received while in the service and that which I continue to pursue to better serve my patients. Two-- we are an all female practice so while there are some great male dentists out there, they don't always have the same gentle touch and compassionate demeanor that we in our office do.  That is very important I think in dealing with a population of people that are sometimes very frightened about the aspects of dentistry.  Thirdly and finally -- we are constantly trying to stay informed about all the newest technologies and changes occurring in dentistry.  So in our office we are paperless with digital technology in each operatory.  We can confirm appointments via email and text.  Patients, both existing and potential ones, can check our website to learn about different procedures as well as current promotions available at anytime."
Here at Island Dental, we like to offer an array of dental services to our community.  Dentistry is no longer just about pulling teeth or drilling and filling.  It's about building beautiful smiles, inside and out.  Invisalign, Veneers, Snap-On-Smiles, Juvederm dermal fillers, Botox, and even Snore Guards.  The snore guards won't exactly enhance your smile, but your roommates smile will generally be bigger.
So why Dr. Gaylord at Island Dental?
We do our best to meet your dental desires and needs while also doing our best to make you feel at home and comfortable among friends.
I thank you for your time and would appreciate the opportunity to provide dental services for you and your family, as well as any referrals you may send our way.
Thank you

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