Cerec Primescan Intraoral Scanner

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CEREC Primescan Intraoral Scanner 
is advanced dental technology that allows all kinds of treatment from single tooth to full arch.  It allows us to spare our patients the discomfort of conventional dental impressions by quickly and accurately taking them digitally.  Say goodbye to biting on impression material for several minutes and having a numb mouth and jaw ache. We now have a scanner that can capture your full dentition in seconds and then transfer the data to the computer.  Digital impressions are easier, faster and more precise than ever before.  Primescan’s unique technology allows for easy capturing and quicker processing of more data in higher resolution. Intelligent processing in Primescan ensures the optimal interaction with the software by transmitting exactly the data the software needs to proceed. Due to Primescan’s ability to scan at an incredible data density, it delivers complete 3D structures of everything in its field of view – from the very first scan.  The result: Complete 3D-scan models are displayed immediately, no matter how fast you scan.  Primescan can scan deep cavities and steep inclines, delivering precise digital models in a very short time frame. 

The Cerec Primescan Intraoral Scanner will aid in the restoration of decayed, cracked, or chipped teeth requiring inlays, onlays, veneers, and crowns.  For these types of procedures, either the doctor or the assistant will take a preliminary 3D scan of the bite registration, the opposing arch, and the arch where the procedure is being performed.  At the completion of the procedure, the doctor or assistant will take a final 3D scan of the procedure area.  After the final scan has been taken, the prep will be designed for the type of restoration needed and then the doctor will approve the final restoration.  Once the design is completed, the Primescan can send the restoration to the in office Cerec Primemill for milling of the restoration.   This milling step can take from 12-20 minutes depending on the type of restoration.  You, the patient, can actually watch this process in action at the milling station.

Digital Scans from the Primescan can be using in treatment planning, same day chairside restorations, creation of bite splints, whitening trays,  occlusal guards (including bite guards, night guards, and snore guards),  clear aligner orthodontics, and prosthetic appliances (flippers, partial dentures, and complete dentures).  

With the use of the Primescan, digital impressions can be securely sent to their corresponding lab with a single click in the software. Thanks to the digital technology, we can now exchange images with the lab and discuss details or concerns in real time without having the delay of waiting for the lab to receive the traditional impressions.

                                       Cerec Primescan Cart with Monitor and Scanner

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                                  Cerec Primescan Touchpad and Scanner

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